Table Parts

Half the composition of a table is comprised of the base or legs; that is where most of the table’s integrity lies. Often times those tables you have had in your home for 10+ years become shaky, the legs get damaged and chipped, a friend will sit on the table end and cause it to be unstable. We’ve all experienced it. With Stateline Woodturnings, none of these are a factor because we can create a new set, whether you would want a replication or a new design. We can make simple or intricate legs, bases, pedestals and feet.

Stair Parts

The staircase is often one of the first things you see when you enter a home. It holds a certain elegance and sets the tone of what to expect for the rest of the home. It can create a cozy, comfortable feel or a fancy overtone with tasteful choices of wood species and stains. Choosing the right design of spindles, railing and a nice newel post can provide a significant difference in the look you’re trying to achieve. Luckily Stateline Woodturnings has over 15+ years of experience and can help perfect your combination.

Furniture Parts

Stateline Woodturning has worked on a number of projects regarding various types of furniture pieces. In addition to the table and staircase parts, we can create bed legs, bed posts, chair parts, bun feet, porch railings and columns for various applications. Each category can be created in a new. custom design or a redesign of an existing piece. We can work with you on a design idea or help with any questions you may have.

More Style Choices

Our high performance turning lathes allows us to create a variety of designs. No matter how difficult or intricate, we can do it!

Repairs and Replacements

Worn, damaged or missing pieces are no issue for us. We can repair. recreate or replace your items with a replica or design.
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